M A - U R I   is the modern form of an ancient medium, which is centered on health, healing and self-development.

It was developed and named by Hemi Hoani Fox who has his roots in Maori. He, together with Katja Fox, has been working in Denmark and New-Zealand, in the MA-URI Institute since 1990 on discovering the new ways and deeper meanings of this medium.

The name refers to Lemuria, the ancient continent in the Pacific, where, according to the myth, the people of the secret power, the Light Beings settled five thousand years ago, and conveyed the ancient knowledge, the high-level spiritual technique: how to achieve the harmony of the body, mind and soul with the power of energy and thoughts; the secrets, ethics and morals of HUNA.

The kahunas - similarly to other, ancient shamanistic cultures - involved all three levels of consciousness in the healing process - which is rather self healing -, and often intensified it with suggestion.

The person who was receiving the massage received also stimuli which he or she could perceive on the physical level with his or her sensory organs, e.g. smoke, washing with aromatic plants or herbal infusions, which I also use myself if necessary, and I also give herbal infusions and elixir (water cleaned with semi precious stones) to drink before and after the massage. I like using it, always living with this tool, and in addition I also use Bach flower therapy and crystal healing.

Verbal suggestion and awareness raising is necessary for the patient's clearing process, in order to dissolve the necessity for hurting him/herself or others, lift him/her to harmony, and thus delete this kind of fixation.

After the clearing, the kahuna (Maori shaman) drew down enormous amounts of MANA, and after this, creating in his mind the very strong picture of the post-healing condition, sent this to the superior Self of the patient, asking for its help. The massage was concluded after visualizing the healed conditions during the whole process, accompanied by the sending of energy. Then the superior SELF started to interfere, and the healing process began.

During the massage, the kahuna gave orders several times, whispering or speaking out loud, for complete healing, by using all his/her powers…"You are healthy, get up and walk"… I completed module III, so I use the kahuna teachings and rituals with pleasure and efficiency.

The roots of MA-URI go back to ancient Polynesian bases that focus on the dynamic and creative approach of life where we can develop the skills to direct all areas of our own life.

MA-URI and KAHI-LOA massages mean actually the healing touch; these are the different methods of Polynesian bodywork which serve, from different approaches, together or separately, the same primary purpose: to live our everyday lives in the center of our being, consciously, in harmony and in good health.

The massage is: movement, touching, which covers the whole body except the intimate areas, the dynamic use of rhythm in unity, connected to the steps of ritual dances. A constant flow; with the slow and constant movement of the forearms, it activates the memories stored in the body, mind and soul of the person receiving the massage; activates, cleanses and fills up the internal self-healing powers. A balance in male and female energies, interaction - this is the secret to happy and successful life.

It is a wonderful medium, exceptional and gentle but also challenging and provocative. It means meeting and facing ourselves, our dependencies, all unsolved problems that we store in ourselves. It is an effective tool to relieve stress and process traumatic memories. It is an inner JOURNEY for the patient in UNITY where the masseuse is the navigator.

MA-URI has no age limits; it can be given to the old, to children and also to pregnant women.

•Cleanses the body through freeing up blood circulation and lymphatic channels;
•It relieves stress, tension, anxiety, complexes, depression, phobias and negative feelings such as sadness, jealousy, hatred, malignity, sorrow, the processing of unfair events;
• Promotes relaxation, relieves muscle stress, makes joints flexible and aids their mobility;
• Regulates blood and lymph circulation;
• Regulates metabolism;
• Relieves the diseases not only in the skeletal system but also in internal body organs, including chronic diseases ;
• Creates a balance of energies in the body;
• Harmonizes the right and left brain hemisphere.

We use astral massage when the physical body cannot be massaged. The main reasons for this can be:
• Skin diseases;
• Extended open wounds;
• Burns.
The point of this massage is the effect to the astral body. Our physical body is surrounded by energetic layers, so-called fine bodies:
• the ethereal body,
• the emotional (astral) body,
• the mental body and
• the spiritual body.
These layers overlap one another and are closely connected but each of them has its own frequency. If we establish harmony in the astral body, this harmony affects all the other layers, including the physical body where it restores health. The patient is lying on his/her back on a massage table and the masseuse makes a ritual dance around the table. It takes about third the time of a physical massage; still, its effect is very quick and spectacular. Astral massage is also recommended for children.

I had the opportunity to present massage techniques in:
• Kiskunhalas (4 MA-URI, 1 Lomi Lomi Nui)
• Székesfehérvár (3 MA-URI,1 Lomi Lomi Nui)
• Kecskemét (1 MA-URI)
• Szentes (1 MA-URI for pregnant women)
• Hódmezovásárhely (3 MA-URI, 1 Lomi Lomi Nui)

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