L O M I  L O M I  N U I  - Polynesian temple massage

The secret path which we can only tread through on our own, continued in the spring of 2011, when I had the opportunity to re-learn the Lomi Lomi Nui massage, which is the basis of MA-URI massage, the pure source, from which this wonderful massage was born in the '90's. It interested me, and I felt that I had to make the knowledge whole. The excitement created by learning took me over. So I went on my way, and completed the intermediate level as well by May 2011.

Lomi Lomi Nui -just like KAHI-LOA - is an ancient Polynesian temple massage, behind which lies a 5000 year old culture. It is a therapy, with which healing is carried out in Hawaii to this day. The ancient know-how is cherished and practised, the methods used are very similar. The ancient rhythms and songs combined with dance create a spiritual atmosphere, through which the knowledge gained by ancestors during previous lives become accessible (genetic memories) and through these we get closer to who we are, where we come from and what values and heritage we carry.

Oil massage which -just like the MA-URI massage - touches every area of the body with the exception of intimate parts which are covered with a towel. The Polynesian peoples live in close harmony with nature and the universe, in harmonious human relationships. However, the ancient activity still has aspects which are valid to this day, because the nurturing of the body, the soul,and the spirit is a basic need which is there in everyone…while the aspects of life continue to remain fleeting and unsure…

Personal ethical balance free from self deception is a big challenge…

According to the teachings of HUNA the person living in THIS KIND of triangle/body/soul/spirit does not become ill but lives in WHOLEness and health. The illness which appears on the body tells us where the unsolved area is located in our life and pinpoints our attention to THIS AREA. For WHOLEness and health massage and touch are holy tools to them. Lomi Lomi Nui massage is a ritual, a prayer, during which the masseur moves with sacral dance moves, with the use of the hands, lower arm and elbow stroking and deep pressure touches alternate, always in a recurring manner, touching a large area of the body.

Like water,it washes everything superfluous from the body. It cleanses. It uplifts.

It helps relinquish old and wrong engrainments, pains, fears, sorrows. It makes room for happiness , love, primarily for the love for OURSELVES, it helps us to see the world through God's eyes. The energies flow freely in a triangle, and are not blocked by stress, tension, emotional lack. An auditive and visual swirl is formed around us/masseur./ The soft music sweeps us away the Ego stands aside./massaged person. Inexplicable on the basis of reason, this is the clemency of the moment. The swirl of the symphony. God's embrace. Real trust mutual wavelength. Unity with Everything, with the endless love of God.

Time stands still in the state of being in love and being loved, a state after which all human beings yearn with the possessive adherence of love, or by throwing themselves into the poisonous bliss offered by alcohol or drugs. To experience levitation- when the obligate or rational drags which are always hindrances to levitation- simply disappear. Invisible levitation, dissolution, emptiness, catharsis-this is the source from which the MA-URI's why state, is a new understading,that of having been born.

Be blessed Hemi and Katja Fox.

The massage is carried out in HOLYness, which's establishment is the masseur's task.

For this awesome responsibility wisdom, knowledge and a dedication throughout one's entire lifetime is needed.

Every human being is the creation of God. He only created perfection, every human being is a once only and unrepeatable WONDER. He helps us to see how infinite his wisdom is, since true STRENGTH means that you are able to keep every part of your self under your control.
Forget your faults-everyone makes a mistake now and then- and keep your successes in mind which you have achieved with the help of your own will.
The big secrets of the inner PATH cannot be put into words, cannot be passed on, and cannot be explained.

Rebirth, metamorphosis.

THIS will be our biggest secret… the biggest secret of all.

No one can tell what cannot be told. Learning points far beyond any time…it never ends...lasts for a lifetime, and perhaps even beyond that.


  • I ask more often and answer less often.
  • My masters have accompanied me right to the threshold of the future. I decided to continue, I saw that my pledge became ONE with me, This/THIS is my life.
  • I have to regard the whole world as my home.
  • Leaving every obstacle behind me, I know that I am always there, where I must be, in the service of God.

"I did not fly in reality, Don Juan .
I flew in my imagination, only in my mind…
Even if I would have chained myself to the rock with a strong chain, even then I would have flown the same way, as my body had nothing to do with flying. Don Juan looked at me incredulously. If you chain yourself to the rock-he said-then you have to fly in a way that you take both the rock and the heavy chain with you."

Castaneda:The Teachings of Don Juan

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