Massage for pregnant women

MA-URI massage for pregnant women: in a person's body, his/her whole life history is written, right from the birth. These are codes.

HUNA teaches that the colorful body of the inferior SELF is connected to the embryo. The embryo remembers every word told in its vicinity, and also impressions, especially those accompanied by strong emotions or pain. All of us but especially future mothers need touch in love and harmony.

In Hawaiian language, the word for birth is "lilikoy" which means the fruit of passion and love. Planets affect the birth of babies… "the Sun has a date with the Moon" and when the mother feels that it is time for her child to be born, she visits the healer, they hide away and the Ocean and the dolphins help the labor; birth takes place in the enormous WHOLEness, in harmony, in UNITY, in the largest female energy, the way it has taken place for thousands of years… Babies and dolphins communicate with each other and birth takes place in this gentle energy.
In this phase, the mother's Life is focused on the mystery of creation, and with the approaching of the baby's birth, it is burdensome for the mother's whole body, especially for her spine, joints, legs and shoulders.

Her body changes.

Today, MA-URI is the only massage that can be given to pregnant women - until the last moments before birth, or even during it (!) - helping relaxation. Emotions and anxiety are stored in the physical body, in the muscles. Not only in Polynesian culture but also in the myths of other cultures, the mystery of birth has been surrounded with high respect since the beginning of time; with a few exceptions, the massage that could be given to the future mother during the waiting period, has strong traditions in every culture. After its birth, this massage can be given also to the baby who comes from LIGHT and who is healed even before its birth by the healer through this massage, ensuring the baby that it is going to arrive to the LIGHT and is awaited by the energy of love that accompanies its growth and embodiment right before its birth. According to a legend of the Talmud, the newborn baby is still in possess of the full knowledge obtained in its previous lives. An angel appears above the baby immediately and warns it to keep this knowledge in secret; closes the baby's lips with its forefinger. The baby forgets everything in that instant and is ready to be born. The first cry comes only after this. The baby is born; the woman becomes a mother and the man a father.

The middle SELF starts to operate not long after the child's birth. Not all memories are exposed to the rational analysis of the middle SELF. There are some memories stored in the brain which give rise later to - seemingly - irrational fears or other reactions which almost in each case lead to problems and diseases later on.

The masseuse and healer is the helper who supports the process of self-healing and cleansing, and often the process of conception, reception and embedment in the course of preparation, which is an important part of the wholeness - becoming a mother - of each woman.

He or she helps their harmony consciously, in the UNITY of body, soul and mind. The mother is relieved of all stress and anxiety and these are replaced with balance and harmony. A significant facilitating element to this is music which has its effects on spiritual and mental levels and is an integral part of encounters. At the occasion of one of the last massages before the birth - before the expected date of birth - I convey these to the mother so that she can use these fine energies during labor to relax and regain her strength. The MA-URI massage for pregnant women takes place with the future mother lying on one and then on her other side, then on her back on the massage table; this way I can reach the sacrum, the muscles along the spine and also the shoulders.

I give special attention to the soles (by carefully avoiding the meridian of the uterus) and the ears, since on these parts of the body we can find the counterparts for each organ. Through the massage of the ears, it gets easier mentally to release all problems, anxiety and the burdens of our everyday lives; it leads to relief and help dissolving stress.

As a mother of three, I can give lots of advice that can help experiencing this MIRACLE in the happy and beautiful period of expecting a child. I can help. I was happy to go to Szentes where I had the opportunity to hold a MA-URI massage presentation for future mothers. I received this honorable request at the occasion of the week of birth in May 2010.

"Big words worth nothing,
       They fly away like autumn wind,
But love, if it comes from a true heart,
      Stays with us until we die."
             (Attila József - free translation)

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